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How to Keep Upholstery Fur-Free

Buying neglected properties means you should be prepared to see the worst of the worse in terms of the

condition of the structure. There's a reason why these properties are neglected, not everyone is willing to

spend the time, effort and money to restore them to their former glory. If you're lucky, you will 

encounter properties that have salvageable furniture and getting the most out of your money would 

mean restoring not only the structure but also everything else that can be saved.

Finding furniture in these places are rare but should you be lucky enough. You should be aware that they'll 

need a lot of care and detail. But keeping upholstery fur-free doesn't only apply to neglected properties. 

Applicable to people living with a pet or two, here are a few techniques how to enjoy fur-free upholstery.

Brushing Techniques
Pets require constant brushing to keep them from shedding all over the furniture or the upholstery. Do your 

pet a favor and give them a good brushing on a regular basis. Soon, you'll notice less shedding around your 


Vacuum Daily
When was the last time that you really cleaned the home? Well, those with pets should make it a daily quest 

to keep the home clean of dirt and pet fur. Take out the vacuum and attachments. Start vacuuming the 

rugs and use the attachments to go over furniture and upholstery. This quick clean up performed for 

several minutes a day will make the home fur free. If you don't own a vacuum, it's high time to get 

yourself one even the best cheap vacuum cleaner. You don't have to spend a lot. Find the right shop and 

you'll get a good deal. Visiting a bestcheapvacuum.club might give you ideas on what to get.

Quick Cleaning
Take an old cloth or a paper towel that is wet. Go over the furniture quickly. The key to really keeping 

the upholstery fur free is to practice this about once or twice a day. Those with a house filled with several 

pets will probably have to do this at a moment's notice.